Great Plains Investments  

Investment Guidelines

GP Investments invests where it can add value through operating and management experience, industry knowledge, active board participation, or by utilizing its relationships and reputation developed during the 100-year history of its founding company. Our criteria for investing include:

  • A management team and business partners that conduct themselves in a manner that is compatible with our values of honesty and ethical behavior at all times.
  • Good systems of governance must be in place. Written business plans, key performance indicators, financial guidelines and an active and independent board of directors are all expected.
  • The financial needs of the business must be well-defined with future capital infusions planned.
  • Preference is given to businesses in need of capital for growth, those that have positive operating cash flow and which have moved beyond the start-up stage.
  • Management must have a stake in the business.

Our desired investment size ranges from $2 million to $15 million of non-leveraged committed capital, however GP Investments has the ability to raise capital with its network of investment partners to fund larger transactions and will utilize a modest amount of leverage when appropriate. With these criteria in mind, we work collaboratively with management teams and other investment partners to buy, build and grow businesses by providing strategic and financial support.

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